About dreams and dragons…

Yin compassion is the power that loves unconditionally. It’s the Mother, the all-encompassing love that says ‘I carry you and I love you with all that you are!’ And as Leonard Cohen sings so beautifully in his iconic song ‘Hallelujah’, both the Holy and the Broken Hallelujah are there for us to acknowledge and embrace. Happiness won’t happen only when we have banned ‘the Broken’ from our lives.

Without this Yin compassion, it’s almost impossible to rest in the wonderful paradox that is our life.

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I’m always raising the bar higher for myself than for others.
Ch: How helpful is that really?

Not very helpful, no.
Ch: What would happen if you would allow yourself the space that you allow others already?

Someone said that I’m playing small. I can see that, I will let myself be stopped by all kinds of fears.
Ch: So you are aware of how you are holding back.

But I also feel the yearning to make myself visible!
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What is ‘NOW’ the problem?

When I sit here, all is completely fine.
Ch: What do you see when you look from the place where all is well? Or what is it that you don’t see?

What has disappeared now, is a kind of despair: ‘There’s nothing to hold on to, no direction.’
Ch: And now that you’re sitting here? Is there any direction now?

Ch: Is there something to hold on to?

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