One-on-one coaching

Undeniably, crises are part of the way in which we grow. Allow yourself to enter into this new creative space!
You can call on me for one-time counseling or for a series of coaching sessions in the areas of career, personal leadership, relationship counseling, intimacy & sexuality, or deepening your spiritual practice. I work in blocks of a minimum of 5 sessions. Online coaching also available!

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“There is a crack in everything,

that’s how the Light gets in! ”

Leonard Cohen

If you are looking for someone who…

  • stands by your side unconditionally so that your next steps become clear to you,
  • who is very practical and knows that this situation is also your new possibility,
  • who helps you to work your way towards this new possibility step by step,
  • who is available, beyond scheduled sessions, at moments where you want to ‘check’ something via email, whatsapp or phone,
  • who knows how to put the various contexts of your life into a larger perspective and make the necessary connections,
  • who knows that you have all that it takes to bring your present struggles to the next ‘workable’ level,
  • who lovingly and clearly will tell you the naked truth,
  • who helps you experience the difference between feeling and thinking,
  • who shows you how to look at yourself with humor while at the same time taking yourself very seriously…

…then you are in good hands with me.