L♥ve as a Practice

“Love is hard to find” – that is all too often our painful belief.
Until we realize that Love is impossible to avoid…

What would your life look like if the phenomenon of Love would be your daily, inspiring companion?

It’s not difficult to make this Love – that we so yearn for, about which so much is written, said, thought and cried over – the foundation of your Being and Doing in the world.

Love As A Practice points out the way through simple words and practical exercises!

‘Love is the force that moves the Sun and all the other stars’

Soon you will discover that within you, there is a lot of ‘knowing’ about Love, and that this knowledge is easily applicable in your daily life.
Soon you will be able to discern whether your actions are directed by fear or by Love.
Soon you will experience what the world looks like if you ‘look with the eyes of Love’.

Love is not hard to find, Love is impossible to avoid.
Love is always present and patiently waiting for your attention.
Love whispers her messages in so many languages and we can learn to listen in ever deeper ways.

Liefde is niet moeilijk te vinden, Liefde is onmogelijk te vermijden.
Liefde is er altijd en wacht geduldig op jouw aandacht.
Liefde fluistert haar boodschappen op zo veel manieren en wij mogen dieper en dieper leren luisteren.


On the Path with Chahat!
It’s so great and helpful to come together with a group of people who really want to support each other in (self)inquiry!
I can feel Chahat’s passion and inspiration.
The shadow exercise sticks in my mind –  I can see how much power there is in my shadow side if I truly connect with it.
I really enjoy these evenings and will definitely join again next fall!

Hi dear Chahat,

These evenings have made me realize that any activity can become a practice! Which gives that activity a new and extra dimension for me.
So nothing is ‘normal’ anymore!
Much love and see you next week.


‘My heart and your heart
are very, very old friends’

Wednesday evenings in the spring of 2019, 7.30-10 pm

  • Wednesday March 27th
  • Wednesday April 17th
  • Wednesday  May  8th
  • Wednesday  May 29th

These evenings are open to everybody. Practice will always take place, at any level.

Anyone who registers receives the mp3 ‘Oefen Openen’ (in Dutch),
a guided meditation spoken by Chahat.

Fee: 160 euros for 4 evenings. The group will be 25 people max.

Location: Kastanjeplein 8, 1092 CJ Amsterdam (near the Oosterpark)

These evenings and days take place in Caecilia’s practice. I met her again in one of my former classes and from this renewed acquaintance the impulse arose to do my work in her practice. An expression of ‘Love As A Practice’ in itself! Along with her unique skills, Caecilia gives her heart to people so they may express the best version of themselves. It’s wonderful to be able to support one another in this!

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One-day workshops ‘Love As a Practice’

On these days you will experience for yourself what a delight it is to Be Together in this Practice.
You must do the Practice yourself, but you don’t need to do it alone! Yet our unconscious attitude often is ‘I want to do it alone, but I don’t want to do it myself’. However, nobody can do this ‘work’ for you. Practice takes place IN you, BY you and AS you. Let’s choose to ‘do it ourselves, but not on our own’ and discover the great turn-around and healing that this choice will bring.

Saturday June 29th from 10am -5 pm
90 euro (lunch not included)

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