“Warmhearted, caring, receiving and seeing the other unconditionally for who he is, always able to uncover another layer from a deeper perspective. I just love your great talents!” Emil

Time for a tribute to you, Chahat!
In a short time, you have guided me from survival mode into living my life. That’s something I am very grateful for.
You ARE Ancient Wisdom in this present age. As well as levelheaded, loving and clear. You’ve got a whole  treasure chest filled with skills!
You were always there for me when I needed you.
Thank you.

“Chahat shows you that spirituality is simply a day-to-day path.”

“The years that I have lived with you at Venwoude have unquestionably been the best of everything I had brought into my life so far. And I still enjoy every moment of interaction with you. Whether that is a one-on-one meeting or during the Summer Festival. It’s always a challenge to keep focusing on my personal growth. And apart from that, it’s just a pleasure to be with you.”

“Our paths have touched each other already for more than 16 years. Clarity, maturity and a wide-open heart.”

“It’s so beautiful to see how you walk your path. I have seen you in your huge, expansive joy during the Summer Festival with 200 people and I was also present when you were so close and vulnerable in a smaller Circle. You are inspiring in your ability to open up to great inspiration.

With you, there is so much space to be with whatever is present. You offer a rare combination of common sense, humor, wisdom and always going for the highest option. That makes you a wonderful sparring partner, coach and teacher – but most of all, a truly Human being. “


“Chahat, you truly care and your honesty is merciless. That is fantastic and at times also hard to swallow! No bullshit. You just tell it as it is and I am okay with that (another thing I learn from you). You give me an intercity ticket to the ‘place’ I’m allowed to take in the world. This makes the world so wonderfully simple.

Another thing I really appreciate is that outside our sessions, you’re also available for some First Aid at moments when I urgently need a different perspective. In that way, I can apply my insights on the spot, something I never have seen with other coaches. Unique and very instructive.”

“In my search for deeper meaning I have found a lot in the Christian tradition. There, too, new pathways were being taken. But after a long time, I got stuck there. I wasn’t growing anymore. When I met Chahat for the first time, in a retreat, it was a revelation. My search became a Path: I could reconnect to something that was Higher than me. Chahat offered new frameworks. I was able to experience, see and feel how my mind kept going round in its own limitations. At the same time, this mind became the gateway to the place where it can be transcended. The embrace of existence, of my own existence, became complete.
The funny thing is that I now find a lot of inspiration again in my familiar Christian tradition. My gratitude is unimaginable.”