What people say:

“I found the Festival of Love:

  • healing, even though the Festival is not about my wounds but about playing a larger game in life,
  • opening, as it opened me up to new possibilities of connection and love that I have not been able to imagine before,
  • urgent: “The answer to today’s issues cannot be found at the same level of thinking that created them.” This Festival is about a new level of thinking. And not only thinking but also feeling, loving AND acting, a complete new level of loving.”

“It was, again, a warm ocean of love.
A container were I could lay back if necessary.
Be present to learn things: the hidden secrets of life, about the masculine and the feminine, which are both inside us, and which may create shadow in my life. It was fabulous.”

“This week opened me up fully, to other people, to myself, to my partner. Beautiful!
Me and my partner stepped into a new perspective on our relationship; an evolutionary relationship! And we want to bring that into the world. Thank you so much!”

“First, this week I fully drank from the source of love.
That made me very happy.
Second, I got an invitation to use the things I learned in my ordinary life and I will keep on practising.
Third, for the first time in my life I got a glimpse of the deep mystic wisdom that is accessible to us.”

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