One-on-one coaching

Everybody gets stuck somewhere – at work, in yourself, in your relationship with a partner or child(ren), or precisely because you don’t have any. Do you experience your ‘feeling stuck’ as a struggle and source of pain? Or even as a failure, as if you should have been able to prevent this? In my view, that is our first big mistake.

Undeniably, crises are part of the way in which we grow. Allow yourself to enter into this new creative space!
You can call on me for one-time counseling or for a series of coaching sessions in the areas of career, personal leadership, relationships, intimacy & sexuality, or deepening your spiritual practice. I work in blocks of a minimum of 5 sessions. Online coaching also available!
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Workshops and Courses, live and online

Love as a Practice (start October 9th)

This autumn starts another series of four evenings in Amsterdam!

What would your life look like if the phenomenon of Love would be your daily inspiring companion? It’s not hard to make this Love – that we so yearn for, about which so much is written, said, thought and cried over – the foundation of your Being and Doing in the world.

Mystery School Dharma Circle (start October 11th)

An inspiring, international online group journey over nine months!

This online Dharma Circle offers you a unique chance to discover and integrate new connections in the area of Eros, Love and Intimacy. You will ‘travel’ in the company of a wonderful group of people, led by Dr. Marc Gafni’s brilliant mind and radiant heart. Over a period of 9 months, you will meet twice a month online with Dr. Marc Gafni, Claire Molinard and me, together with a very motivated group of practitioners. For more information, click on the link above!

Relationship counseling for lovers, partners and parents

‘And they lived happily ever after’ is a myth. That may be how the book or movie ends, but actually, it is where life begins. Old patterns will keep repeating themselves and become visible. Solutions will sometimes seem out of reach. Can you recognize the three stages of love that we all keep going through?

  1. A gift of life: You fall in love! Everything goes smoothly.
  2. The first cracks appear. Do you run away or do you take up the challenge?
  3. Your relationship deepens. Intimacy and fulfillment come back.

Both men and women are welcome to call on me for counseling and coaching on relational problems such as stagnated intimacy and sexuality, dealing with infidelity, jealousy, divergent views on raising children or an inability to communicate with each other in any meaningful way. Want to contact me? Or set up a first free introduction call through Skype?


The Summer Festival of Love 2019

From July 29 to August 4, 2019 we will celebrate our 7th Summer Festival of Love in the Netherlands.

Living a life that is based more and more on love – isn’t that our deepest yearning? Being able to give and receive love, both in your personal and your professional life, in all things great and small, coming from pure joy and full surrender. But also having the guts to keep choosing for love when life gets painful, beyond our comfort zone.

If you want to ‘get away from it all’ in a context of inner growth, this 7-day retreat is a fantastic way to encounter yourself afresh and take new steps! Read more >

Everybody is welcome, whether you have spent years working on yourself or are just now discovering that this beautiful life has so much more to offer.

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