I’m always raising the bar higher for myself than for others.
Ch: How helpful is that really?

Not very helpful, no.
Ch: What would happen if you would allow yourself the space that you allow others already?

Someone said that I’m playing small. I can see that, I will let myself be stopped by all kinds of fears.
Ch: So you are aware of how you are holding back.

But I also feel the yearning to make myself visible!
Ch: And you listened to it by coming forward to discuss this subject! Read more

What is ‘NOW’ the problem?

When I sit here, all is completely fine.
Ch: What do you see when you look from the place where all is well? Or what is it that you don’t see?

What has disappeared now, is a kind of despair: ‘There’s nothing to hold on to, no direction.’
Ch: And now that you’re sitting here? Is there any direction now?

Ch: Is there something to hold on to?

Ch: What is present now? Read more